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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  August 19, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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days, watch coverage of the republican and democratic convention like here on c-span, your from receipt to the conventions. up next, marsha balckburn followed by grover norquist. >> our guest this week is got burntman marcia blackbusha 10t's 10thnt tennessee district. thank you. to get started, give us an outline of the rnc platform.
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>> from what we are hearing, jobs in the economy and government reform. we have a web site set up. we have had thousands of individuals on that website from individuals giving us their input it. item #1 is jobs and the economy. i think we all would have expected that. >> could you provide this detail on what the plan would be? i know the republican party has accused president obama very hard for unemployment. he is also receive criticism for not coming up with a concrete alternative. can you tell us what the economic platform with look-
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alike? >> i think what you're going to see is a basic awareness that we do not create the jobs. the private sector create those jobs. it is government's response ability to create the environment for jobs growth to take place. the best economic theory is to give jobs. we need to return our economy to shrink so that the private sector and the small businesses have the ability to create jobs. there are a couple of things that are very important. regulatory uncertainty is something that is truly capping our economy and potential. another one is the fear that tax rates are going to go up, and thereby more of their money every month is going to be going
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to the federal government and set of back into the businesses. >> this we both campaigns have been talking about medicare. the romney campaign has struggled to explain how it is different from congressman paul's plan. if you think the party should just embraced the rise in plant and move forward? plambrace a ththe r yan n and move forward? >> we need to continue medicare as we know it for those 55 and above and allow the seniors to have that certainty. when i am talking to my constituents, some of my seniors are saying we want more choice and more options. they would like to see some
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more of choices and options available to them. what we want to make certain we do is to provide stability and certainty in medicare process. we have to realize the medicare trustees have told us that we are spending more money that we're taking in. we have to be mindful of putting this on a stable platform and returning that medicare program to fiscal health. it means we do need to go through some reforms that are going to provide some certainty, stability and take a long-term view. >> congressman ryan a 2020 start date. see you think they should go to it sooner? >> that is a debate we should have. individuals, as you look at the
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premium support, i think that is something that is a worthy debate for the american people. what i want to make certain we do is honor the work our seniors have done. some of my constituents will tell me government has the first right of refusal on my paycheck. if they have been taking my money out for my medicare and social security every pay period. what they want to do and what i want to do is to make certain that government fulfills their promise to those individuals. what we have to make certain we do for long-term stability is to put this program into a workable solution and have something that is going to be fair to my children and grandchildren. the republican party is
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behind the democratic party in terms of attracting hispanic voters. how will it address the discrepancies? >> i do not know there are any specifics i could lay out. other than to say what we are going to do is look at making certain that our party is the great opportunity party. that is what everyone wants, the shot at the american dream and being able to come here and experience the richness and fullness, and the educational opportunities and make certain that we put this nation on the good thing to being a place of opportunity. >> in terms of immigration, that there is a platform addressing a pack to citizenship for
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immigrants or their children. >> i cannot say what the platform does or does not. we are still in draft form. what i have heard from hundreds of individuals that i have talked to and we have had thousands of interactions on the gop platform web site. there are things people what to make certain we do. number one is to secure our borders. number two is to reform the immigration system. it is a broken system. i.c.e. needs to go through some reforms. i hope that as we move forward through the convention process that we are going to have a good conversation that will deal with those issues of sovereignty and security for our nation. >> how you deal with social issues on the platform? ehud concerned they might
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distract from the message? -- are you concerned they might distract from the message? >> we continue to hear that those are items when it comes to social issues. i think you will see the conservative approach given to these issues. the interactions i have had with different delegates with the hundreds of people that i talked with over the past month or so, i think they expect and anticipate that we're going to deal with those in a thoughtful manner and that the focus on this platform and the focus for this convention is going to be getting america back to work. helping people return to believing in this country and believing in opportunities that we have. what we're going to do to support freedom and the cause of freedom. there are basically four issues.
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if i had to say what are the top four things people were talking about, jobs in the economy are number one. government reform and dealing with the deficit and the debt. so that we underpin our nation's fiscal health in proper manner. no. 3 is the repeal of obamacare. it comes up repeatedly appeared not necessarily from republicans -- it comes up repeatedly. not necessarily from republicans or democrats. a lot comes up from women. the fourth is our national security and making certain that we are going to keep this nation secure, that we are going to be vigilant in fight against terrorism. >> this election is going to see some of the largest amount of ad spending. there could potentially be a backlash.
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are they trying to address that voter and happiness? >> that comes up from time to time. just a general dissatisfaction with how the super pac system has worked out. i am not certain you will see that come forward a in platform meetings. i do think when congress reconvenes there is going to be discussions around what will happen with those issues. so many people that i have talked with that have registered their comments with me, they feel like we would be well served to have a complete disclosure and consider that. if they wonder about the super pacs and where the money is
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coming from and how it is being spent. there is some questions last fromabout the actds president obama and the illness there in the close coordination. it was something the campaign used. i have heard some things about that. you are right to pointed out. and maybe something that congress turned its attention to. >> you mentioned national security. the romney/ryan ticket has been light oned for being flight foreign-policy issues. had you think this will play out in washington? >> what you are going to see is that republicans are going to look to our men and women in
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uniform and be very grateful for their service and grateful that they continue to choose to defend this nation and freedom. i would challenge you a little bit on same they may not have that experience. i think they do. there is a respect that is there for working with our military leadership, with our intelligence community. been very thoughtful as we move through the process and making decisions based on knowledge that is gained from all of these areas, whether it is military or intelligence or our department of state. a healthy respect and appreciation for the job that all of those divisions of our federal government to do in order to keep this nation safe.
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>> this week the issue of governor romney's tax has risen again. how do we get to the point where we're not talking about it anymore? >> it was there in the public domain from the time he was governor. it just, i do not know if there is a way that it is ever going to be put to rest. the media continues to talk about it. when i am out about in my district or some of my colleagues, people are talking about that. that is not their topic of conversation. their topic is what is going to be done to get this country back to work. they know the obama economy has
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not served them well. they have seen a diminishment in what they have the ability to earn. u.s. are seeing unemployment -- you are seeing unemployment at 8.3%. continuing piles of regulations that are coming their way. we hear every single day about cms, hhs, epa, you name it, all of these agencies that are making it very difficult for employers to hire. employees and longtime employees, employers are saying this is something that is not working out.
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instead of talking about romney's tax reform, they are talking about their taxes and their regulation and the uncertainty that they face. one of my constituents said i am tired of being broke. i have too much month left at the end of my money. this is what you are hearing from individuals across this country who want to get back to work and want to be back to creating jobs. they are ready to see a change in in way economic policy is going to work. >> from a strategic perspective, would it behooves the romney campaign to take control of that? >> there on that message. -- they are on the message.
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i think people are talking about jobs and the economy in getting back to work themselves. >> it is no secret that in the last few years the whole political mood nationwide has been pretty polarized. congress every year seems to be more gridlocked. no matter who wins the objection, one side is not going to be happy. do you see an end to this gridlock? will we be seeing this polarization on the hill continue? >> i have to tell you. when i talk with some of my friends or schoolteachers and some of the moms, they are astounded with what seems to be the lack of civility that comes
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out of washington. that lead to the gridlock that you are talking about. what you're going to have to see is a decision by individuals that they are going to begin to work together. with that said, we have had many pieces of legislation that have gone through our chamber with bipartisan support. those have been sent across the rotunda to the senate and they are sitting there, because the leader in the senate does not want to take them up. my hope is what you're going to a return to get things done for the good of the country. the government is not going to
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create jobs. we are charged with creating the environment for growth to take place. when you talk to small businesses, they tell you less less taxationleplus and litigation will yield yield more innovation. there is a formula that works on a commitment out of both chambers to roll up our sleeves, it gets the pencil sharpener -- get the pencil sharpener. >> do you think republican party has shifted too far to the right? >> i think what you have seen is a widening of thhe tent, the sides have been lifted up. i have found it very encouraging.
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even though there may be fewer people that i identified themselves as either a democrat or a republican and you see a broadening, those that say they are independent, what i have found this they agreed with republican philosophy when it comes to having a smaller centralized government, when it comes to having taxes that are lower and having those rates that are lower when there is an encouragement for having a strong national defense with the focus on individual freedom. i think what you are seeing is many of these educational type groups, the individuals will come up and say i generally
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vote for the candidates. i have found myself voting with republicans. i think more information that the voters have, i find that encouraging. i love to see citizen participation. >> this week governor romney gave a speech going after president obama for the tone of too campaign, saying it was 2 negative. both sides have been criticized for the rhetoric. do republicans want to keep a positive? what kind of tone do you expect in to embed? >> i think you'll see a very optimistic and hopeful tone coming from tampa. gop is standing for the great opportunity party.
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what you're going to see is the emphasis on opportunity and hope and getting this country back on track. the american people are ready for that. i am hopeful that is where you're going to see the focus. what we will see is that good, solid american. will be put to work. can you give us any hints on speakers at the convention that might be showing up? >> all barack convention week you were going to see some -- all throughout convention week you're going to see individuals
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of all interest to will join us in this move to believe in america and move toward optimism and focus on the opportunities that are here and believing in american dream and the strength of the american dream and the attraction to people all over this global. you're going to see some emphasis on that as the role of through this convention -- we roll into this convention and move on toward election day. >> other than the governor romney, who is the can miss speaker that will surprise everyone -- the cannot miss speaker that will surprise everyone? >> i do not know. when you look at the roster rice
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done aebus has an phenomenal job. every convention there someone that gives a speech that just inspires people. it causes them to get out of their chair. it is usually someone unexpected. i do not know that is going to be. i am delighted that we will have so many of our governors who will be there. we are going to have the opportunity to hear from them. our governors are the ones that are trying out new ideas, finding ways to reform government to get down the cost of government to be fair to hard-working taxpayers.
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i think they are going to bring some great ideas. is there anyone you are disappointed that will not be speaking in tampa? >> i've not seen the full roster. i do not know if there are individuals that were supposed to be there. i think all of these states that are going to be there are also going to let people that are important to them that will be speaking. >> what issue in platform are people not paying attention to that you think they should be? >> you will see most of the issues covered in platform.
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in my meetings that i have leading up, one of the issues i was pleased to see brought to the table repeatedly by individuals was making certain that we fight to keep the internet free. this is something i put a lot of time and effort on as we have looked at telecommunications. and the expansion of broadband. this is the basis of doing business, and that it is an imperative that we read it so that you do not have the federal government proceeding the internet service providers and managing this network and
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managing that. i was very pleased. the interactive technologies are part of the backbone of our economic system. we are using it and depending on it to conduct business. what we want to do is put more emphasis on keeping it free. >> marsha blackburn joining us from tennessee. we are about a week out from the convention in tampa. we now return to our guest reporters. basic voice from the discussion? i think we will be talking
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about jobs and the economy. it is the issue people care most about. when asked about social issues, they're not in a social issues specific. we will probably not hear a lot of discussions on those issues. they are not winners for the republican party. they can be a big divisive. >> when congressman ryan can on the ticket, there were accusations [inaudible] will we be hearing more specifics on the issue? >> no. that is to be expected. i do not think they're going to
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come out with any bold ideas or initiatives on that. right now the mode is to play itself. >> a lot of people are asking for details of the press conference in south carolina when he is trying to make it clear and he did not. they're not going to give any specifics. instead of a platform with this is what we want to do, we are left wondering what changes would be made and where they will go. >> will this be the hope and change commission from the republicans? >> that seems to be a popular theme during the last few presidential cycles.
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i do not think we will see any great surprises. i do not think we will see any great surprises in charlotte. we are in safe mode. the goal was no gas and to just have a good pep rally and moved on to the last couple of months. >> the party will be managing everything else going around the convention. lots of groups. we talk about the negative tone. the party comto come out with a message of hope and change, but and they're coming from both sides. >> one thing neither party wants to talk about,


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